Susan Furlong  (also writing as Lucy Arlington)


Phillipena O’Brien, known to her family and friends as Pippi, is as quirky as her name. But nothing is more quirky than the way she makes her living.  Junk-running is her profession and she’s good at it.  Nearly a decade of managing large portfolios for a major Chicago investment firm caused Pippi to crack.  She fled her office, disappeared for a couple weeks (much to the horror of her family and friends who still don’t think that she’s come back to reality), and reappeared a new woman with a new plan. Shedding her designer suits for jeans and T-shirts, she embarked on a new career as a resale merchandiser. Now, she peruses garage sales, consignment shops and garbage cans in search of cast-off treasures to ‘upcycle’ and sell on-line.  It’s an honest living and Pippi is content with her stress-free life … that is, until she finds herself tangled up in the mystery and mayhem.

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Pippi O'Brien Mysteries