Susan Furlong  (also writing as Lucy Arlington)


About Me

I’ve always loved mysteries. When I was ten, I received a detective kit for Christmas and spent the next few months lifting fingerprints from every surface in the house, interviewing suspects (my brother and sisters) and investigating neighborhood crimes. A pet could not go missing on my block without me stepping in to solve the case! Eventually, I quit solving real cases and turned to fictional crimes, hanging with friends like Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, Nero Wolf and Miss Marple. Good company for a girl living in a small North Dakota town where winters were brutal and often lasted six months out of the year.

In college, I studied foreign languages and graduated from Montana State University with a double major in Spanish and French and a teaching certificate. I also met my husband. We married two weeks after graduation and moved across country to Ohio. There, I taught high school during the day and ran a martial arts studio in the evenings.

When our first child came along, I decided I wanted to quit teaching and stay home. Easier said than done! I started writing in order to earn extra income, working first as a freelance translator and then as a content writer and a ghost writer. Time flew by and after a couple relocations, one in Texas and the other in the Boston area, we settled in the Midwest, where I landed a long term contract with an academic publisher. For the next few years, our four children and my work kept me busy. However, as the kids grew older, I started to find more time to explore something I’d always dreamed of doing—writing mysteries.

With my husband’s encouragement, I submitted my first short story to a publisher. To my astonishment, it was accepted. That publication gave me the confidence to keep on pursuing my dream until eventually, after years of persistence, my first novel was published, then another … and here I am. The course hasn’t been an easy one to follow—lots of ups and downs, twists and turns, and potholes along the way—but to me, it’s one worth traveling. I hope you’ll travel along with me, because one of the greatest rewards of being an author, is the opportunity to write something that brings someone else a bit of joy.


During her writing career, Susan has worked as a freelance writer, academic writer, and novelist. Her short work has appeared in several national publications including Woman’s World magazine. Currently she's busy working on The Georgia Peach Mysteries, soon to be released from Berkley Prime Crime. She has also continued the New York Times bestselling Novel Idea Mysteries, starting with the fourth book in the series, under the pen name Lucy Arlington.