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2020 opened with the release of Shattered Justice and the joy of meeting readers in person. In February, my events moved online including the presentation of the International Thrillers Young Adult Award with R. L. Stine, online bookclub events, and a television interview on CFN Live. I was also thrilled to be interviewed for an article in Peoria Catholic Post which syndicated in the Catholic Associate Press.  Additional highlights included a review in the New York Times and the honor of Shattered Justice being named as one the New York Times Top 10 Crime Novels of 2020. 

in 2019, I met wonderful readers, spoke at book clubs and libraries, presented the International Thriller Young Adult Award in New York, made new author friends, signed a few books and saw my titles on shelves at all major bookstores as well as Walmart, Target, Meijer, Sams, and Costco.  ‚Äč